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Agility Pictures

Here are the pictures from the Magic City Canine Club's agility trial held at the Culman County Agricultural Trade Center. This was my first time shooting at an agility trial and I appriciate the club's invitation. When I shoot a flyball tournement, I know a good number of the dogs and use the race numbers to seperate the picture into managable segments. I have tried to break down the pictures by class but I have probably missed quite a few.

Ring 1
Ring 2
Performance Gamblers
Starters Gamblers
Performance I Standard
Performance II Standard
Advanced Standard
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Get any 10 images on a CD mailed to you. You will get original and web size formats of each image. When selecting this option, list the images in the paypal comments. If I do not see the images, I will contact you for the image numbers.

Last Updated: January 12th, 2008