I program primarily in Visual Objects and Vulcan.Net:

rightSLE is an enhanced  single line edit control.

Available Downloads
rightSLE v2.8f VO 2.8 sp4
rightSLE 1.1 for Vulcan.net with the VO Compatible GUI Classes Vulcan.net 2.12
rightSLE 1.0 for Vulcan.net and Winforms Vulcan.net 2.12

It inherits from Single Line Edit and features:

  • Right Aligned Entry
  •  Drop down Calendar
  • File lookup SLE
  • Folder lookup SLE
  • Search SLE
  • Calculator SLE
  • inLine CalculatorSLE for simple calculations without having to popup the full calculator
  • All code is Strongly typed

NEW 10/09/2012

  • Internal changes to better support Vulcan..
  • Fixed the Virtical spinner i PECalendar so it will work with VO 2.8sp2a
  • Bug fixes for moving an origin on a SLe with a pushbutton. Bug fixes for Owner Alignment when assigning an image to a button
  • Compiled for VO 2.8sp4
  •  rightSLE now works with pictures as well as fieldspecs currency follows the country with the use of the "$" in the left position of the picture (this includes auto-placement of the currency symbol based upon the country))
  • Added a daterange for the dateSLE Added an Origin Assign that will move the button if it exists better support for owner alignment Owner Alignment can be assigned in rightSLE's postinit so you do not have to change your input screens (see sample code included - test and test mini)
  • misc bug fixes  
  • Better support for dateSLE and bBrowser

Last Updated: December 11th, 2012